Frost Lake recognizes the importance of building relationships with First Nation communities, and the role these partnerships have in long-term economic development for the region. Frost Lake now has formalized partnerships with several individual First Nations, as briefly outlined below. 

Halfway River Frost Limited Partnership

Halfway River Frost Limited Partnership

The Halfway River Frost Limited Partnership is Frost Lake's formalized business venture with the Halfway River First Nation. To date, the Halfway River Frost LP has carried out work on the Site C dam project and the Meikle Wind Farm. Future projects include ROW clearing for the Coastal Gas Link Project, Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project, and North Montney Mainline Project. Halfway River Frost also operates a gravel pit near the Halfway River First Nation.

Shas Resources Limited Partnership

Shas Resources Limited Partnership

Shas Resources LP is composed of multiple First Nation groups including Nadleh Whut'en, Nak'azdli, Lheidli Tenn'eh, and Moricetown, as well as partners Frost Lake and ROGA Contracting. Shas Resources is the Right Of Way (ROW) clearing “Aggregator” for the Pacific Trail Pipeline Project, and Shas has been contracted to manage the clearing for 377 km of the pipeline ROW. This section extends from Summit Lake, BC to the Coast Mountains west of Moricetown, BC.

Thus far, Shas completed all planning activities, including an environmental plan and safety plan, then carried out initial road building and clearing work late summer and early fall of 2015. The main component of the work is expected to take place in 2017.

Tl’azt’en Frost Lake (TFL) Limited Partnership

The TFL LP is a partnership with the Tl'azt'en First Nation and has been created to carry out ROW clearing activities for a major section of the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project. Frost Lake generally operates in the traditional territory of the Tl’azt’en nation, and has employed various Tl’azt’en band members for many years.

Ruby Rock Resources

Ruby Rock Resources

The Ruby Rock Resources Joint Venture was created to carry out Forest License Management for the Yekooche First Nation, while developing various employment opportunities for members living on reserve. Ruby Rock has existed for 5 years, and will be instrumental in helping to manage Yekooche’s new permanent forest license. 

FNA Resources Ltd.

Frost Nak'azdli Resources was created to participate as a full partner in Shas Resources LP. Frost Lake and the Nak'azdli First Nation will also pursue other projects as opportunities arise.

NWF Resources Limited Partnership

Nadleh Whut'en Frost Limited Partnership was created to participate as a full partner in Shas Resources LP. NWF will also carry out ROW clearing and civil activities for various other projects in and around Nadleh Whut'en traditional territory, including the Coastal Gas Link project.

Frost Natanlii Limited Partnership

Frost Natanlii LP was created to complete ROW clearing activities with partner the Skin Tyee First Nation. Frost Natanlii completed almost 30km of centreline clearing on the Pacific Trail Pipeline, as well as various other activities, in 2015.


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